Kids Invent inspires many kids with hands-on science classes in schools, after school programs, museums, and camps. For over two decades, schools, teachers, and museum directors have used its science activities to teach students through practical application rather than just dry theory. These invention activities engage kids because they build toys to learn science concepts.

Now, Kids Invent is offering its curriclum to teachers through Amazon.


The Kids Invent invention activities are designed for classroom teaching, after school programs, home schools, summer camps, museums, and wherever kids are eager to experience hands-on innovative learning.

Kids Invent's Wildly Creative LearningTM has curriculum designed for kids ages 6 to 15. Younger students learn to create boats, cars, games, and so on, while older students experiment building vehicles with motors or planes that fly.

The heart of the teaching, though, is not what the students build but the methods of the instruction. Those methods now are detailed in the curriclum that Kids Invent is offering to teachers through Amazon.

Kids Invent Creative Learning Activities educate, excite, engage and entertain young people and will ignite kids' natural curiosity, challenging them to create, problem solve and apply their ideas to invent things they can keep and share with others.

To achieve this unique blend of education, invention, and entrepreneurship, Kids Invent has adopted the learning model used by Thomas Edison and thousands of other inventors and applied it to learning for kids.

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classroom experiment
“I appreciate the hands on materials,user-friendly guide and portal access to increase the student’s understanding to difficult science concepts; AND it is something we all look forward to each week.”
Mrs. Abell,
5th Grade Teacher
boys experimenting
"I love it so much and I love the creativity. It's just exactly what I like to do. I like working with my group and getting to know them at the same time."
Stephanie Hollenbeck,
5th Grader, FUSD
boys building tower
"It fascinates me to see the kids have fun while learning. It caught my attention that as soon as I mentioned we were going to work on kids invent, the kids jumped up with joy and excitement."
Mrs. Uribe,
5th Grade Teacher, FUSD